From N* and G*, Ely.

‘Viki was recommended to me by my best friend, who had an amazing hypnobirthing home birth and suggested I learned a bit more about it.  Viki explained the services she was able to offer in a really open and very non salesperson type way, giving me insight into an alternative path and seeing that my experience could be positIve, and that it was in my power to make it this way.

My husband and I signed up to start the hypnobirthing course with her, starting when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. Viki made it so easy for us, she came to our home and although she was very professional in her delivery, she made the learning really personal to us and tailored to our needs. I can remember feeling really heard as each week she developed the teaching to match areas we had identified as wanting to know more, or tapped into our anxieties and made it a really shared correspondence.

Viki had so much knowledge as well as different experiences to draw on and by the end of the course we felt so trusting in her that we couldn’t imagine our birth without her there, so asked her to be our doula too. She had taken us from planning a conventional hospital birth, with everything crossed we didn’t end up having a c section and feeling fearful of what lay ahead, to feeling empowered and safe in a totally different direction planning a home water birth. The hypnobirthing enabled me to feel so in control of letting go and giving myself over to my body and my baby, something as a complete control freak I never thought I would do. It also brought me and my husband closer together than ever, and really connected us to our baby before she was even born.

Our birth didn’t go entirely to plan in that we had to be transferred to hospital in the end due to complications. However despite a bit of a wobble, the hypnobirthing techniques we had learned from Viki enabled us to continue with the calm positive journey we had planned for and our daughter was birthed into the world smoothly, easily and joyfully.

Viki was so beyond amazing its hard for me to describe. My husband and I really feel so blessed that she was beside us, she gave us such strength. From the first hints of labour she was with us, as she had been throughout my pregnancy and remained with us throughout the many hours it took for Arabella to arrive. She joined us at home, and aided the calm serene environment I had aimed for. She was in the background when we needed her to be, organising the little things that mattered such as lighting, food, the environment. Liaising with the midwife. But she was also at the fore when I needed my hand holding,when my husband needed a second to build up his reserves, when I was tiring reminding me I could and would go on, when plans went awry and I panicked she brought me back to my centre and enabled me to go forward in the way I wanted to, she supported us so that I didn’t lose myself to my fears and trusted my body and baby. Viki taught us to believe in our abilities as the parents we already were and follow the path our journey took us, whatever direction that may be.

Viki managed staff and services and maintained serenity and sanity! She laughed with us, cried with us, helped us and held us. Viki was an intrinsic part of our journey and now all of our lives.’

From S* and A*, Ely.

‘Viki taught myself and my partner all about Hypnobirthing to use with the birth of our first baby in August. She put us at ease from the very first day when I called her, asking her to explain a little of the concept to me so I can understand whether it’s something I wanted to pursue. Throughout the weekly sessions she explained everything to us clearly and succinctly, and her enthusiasm and passion for the subject filled us with confidence and the desire to learn and practice all the methods we had been taught. And the teaching didn’t stop at Hypnobirthing- Viki opened our eyes to many other elements of childbirth and childcare from other cultures and parts of the world, and her depth of knowledge and experience on these subjects was captivating. We often discussed many other subjects all of which gave us a rounded and developed sense of the whole journey of having a baby.

When the big day arrived we were able to remain calm and focused throughout and use the Hypnobirthing information and techniques at every stage. I feel that it was due to Viki’s teaching, love and support that gave us the knowledge, confidence and strength to pursue an alternative and wonderful approach to bring our baby into the world.’

From a HypnoBirthing Dad:

‘S* here – I thought I’d send you an “eat my words” email just in case it maybe helps any of the dads you meet.
I don’t know if you could tell but (I suspect like many dads) I was a huge skeptic about hypnobirthing. I was very keen to be supportive of what E* wanted so I kept my opinions to myself somewhat. However, with a maths degree, being a Chartered Accountant and having 10yrs in Corporate Finance I have become a professional cynic and so entered hypnobirthing in the same way I look at any financial offer that looks too good to be true.All I can say now, is wow. I can’t wax lyrical enough about it and have been raving to all my family and our NCT friends about it.

I’ll try not go on too much (maybe I will) but in summary I’d say this:
1. E* was just so so calm all the way through. She arrived at hospital so relaxed she wasn’t sure whether she was in labour or had eaten too much, until they checked her and she was 9cm!
2. She took maybe 3hrs to get to 10cm, and was totally in control and relaxed throughout. As feedback for you, the 4-8 breathing was REALLY helpful. She essentially slept between contractions but kept moving along.
3. As she got to the stage of feeling the urge to push, she switched to 20-20 breathing (I can’t remember the names, only the counting) and again this was brilliant at keeping her in control.
4. Throughout I kept doing the light touch massage and it really helped too. E* said she found it far more tingly than when we practiced. She also kept moving around as advised, and that really helped things along.
5. Baby I* was also incredibly calm throughout. Our midwife, kept saying she was the calmest baby she’d seen – her heartbeat kept a constant 140bpm.
6. I was surprised also at how onboard all the midwives were with it too (as this worried me a LOT). Our midwife kept telling me she was keeping the medics away as otherwise they’d jump in with drugs. I think she enjoyed this! After the birth, the nurses and (especially) the breast feeding helpers were incredibly positive about HB too – anything that makes their jobs easier I guess.
7. She finally arrived! I sh*! you not, E* said that at no time was it painful. Incredibly hard work, but not painful. Wow! There was no martyrdom or anything and she was open to pain relief if she felt she needed it – she just didn’t. At the very end, fully crowned, she said “ooh that stings a bit”, which just made me and the midwife laugh. (A nettle “stings a bit” – this is childbirth E*!). Oh yeah – perennial massage worked a treat too.

I could go on forever – I’ve already probably bored you! So I’ll leave it there. I’m a 100% convert as HB is just a good, sensible and logical approach – not “hippy” at all. As a male, all I can think of as a comparison is Mike Tindall winning the 2003 Rugby world cup on a broken foot – he was so focused that he just didn’t notice!

Warmest regards,

(This couple were taught by a Mongan Method HypnoBirthing colleague of mine, but I think this account might be helpful to any skeptical Dads!)
(Names changed to respect privacy.)

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