Products I love as a Mum!

I absolutely love slings!  I may even write a whole Blog dedicated to them at some point as the benefits are far-reaching for both Mum and baby.

I think that the best I have used (and I have tried out a fair few…!) are the following:

For a soft carrier that you can use from day dot to toddlerdom (I still carry Fifi who’s almost 3 and a half, and I’m pretty diddy!) the best money you can spend is on the

Ergo Baby Carrier.  I use this EVERY day, it is secure enough that you really are truly hands-free, its quick to get baby in and out, will fit both parents, and is the comfiest I have found, even with a large baby/toddler.  It is great for baby’s spinal development and has flexible front, back and hip positions.  Seriously, I could not be without this carrier!

Check out for ‘the science bit’ and also all the lovely colours, fabrics and designs.  I can get a good price if you want one with some accessories or more than one, so drop me a line.

For preemie and new babies up to 35lb –

Baby tucked in snugly, hands free for dealing with the older kids or other tasks

Baby tucked in snugly, hands free for dealing with the older kids or other tasks

The Moby wrap is one of the most reasonably priced slings, with great flexibility in the positions it can be used in as the baby grows.  It is fab at keeping baby super close and snug.  No dangly heads flopping about like with some baby carriers!

This lovely website is offering my visitors 10% off using the voucher code BLOSSOM at the checkout!  Bless them.

The Green Parent is one of my favourite magazines – as far as I’m concerned there’s not much point repeatedly buying the run-of-the-mill ‘Mother and Baby’ mags, as all they do is regurgitate the same old info and rarely provide any food for thought.  This publication doesn’t dumb down content to appeal to a mass audience – it is brave enough to respect the intellect of it’s readers and presents a wealth of alternative parenting topics.

They have been kind enough to offer the first 25 of my lovely readers to subscribe a free book called ‘How to be an Ethical Shopper’.
If you follow the link to their subscriptions page and type in FREE ETHICAL SHOPPER into the comments box you will receive this extra special free gift!
I will certainly be nabbing one of these and as it would make a fab present, some of you guys might like to get them for yourselves and friends and family for Christmas or whatever.

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