Inspired Family Businesses

I have recently been really inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm of people who I have come across.  I’d love to support people who have developed their own business in order to support their families, so I will be adding details here as often as possible.  Please do check back regularly as you may find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

First off, we have Curious Crockery: A cottage industry making home-made 3 Tier Cake Stands from beautiful vintage plates.  Each stand is perfectly unique.  Find them on eBay by typing in ‘3 Tier Cake Stand by Curious Crockery’ or email for current designs.

Each stand is just £19 + £6 P&P
They are perfect for weddings and afternoon teas and a multi-product discount tempts one to get rather carried away!  Please email Cathee for details.
Next up we have my lovely friend Cassie-Lee Drumm at

She’s very talented and makes lovely hand made bags and cushions which make fab gifts or cheeky treats for hard working mummies!
This is one of my favourites (hint hint, if any generous friend/husband might like to get it for me!)
She also has an incredible Blog here where she does great tutorials to inspire you to get crafty.
Another favourite online shop of mine is They sell a wide variety of products, including clothing and accessories, surf, skate and snow products and (my fave home ware!)
I have also been lucky enough to have my very own matching Riley scarf and hand warmers set which are gorgeous and highly individual as they are hand-made, I can personally vouch for this being a great gift!
Now I simply must thank the wonderful Laraine Krantz at as she has been responsible for some beautiful photos of my baby bump and Ofelia when she was a tiny toddler.  An alternative to uncomfortable, stuffy, posed photos, Laraine brings her warm energy to capture natural moments for you to keep forever.
Anyone who is interested in hiring a birth pool seriously needs to check out Shona Kitchener’s website  Great information and support for a lovely way to birth your baby.  Brilliant stuff!
For some messy play fun, that you don’t have to clean up….

This lovely group is run in Chalkwell park and is a godsend when the weather is pants (As it so often is).  The kids love the special Mucky Mitts song and Fifi is particularly fond of story time with a snack and juice (This is where Mummy gets a cup of tea and can buy a cake if she’s feeling cheeky)

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