Kate Middleton to use HypnoBirthing?!

Wow, I really hope this is true!  What an amazing way to bring the heir to the throne into the world.  This could mean the future of our country might be in calm and peaceful hands!


I would happily teach Kate and Wills HypnoBirthing.  Oooohhhh, I wonder if she might consider a home birth?!

Even if Kate would like to just talk to someone who’s used HypnoBirthing, let her know that I’m available.  I’d love to tell her about what an amazing and empowering experience giving birth can be.

I would certainly have a newfound respect for the Duchess if she proves to be a woman who takes ownership of her body and her birth.  I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground on this one!

Sending lots of love, blessed be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.





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  1. Apparently she will also be the first royal in hundreds of years to not employ a full time nanny. Go Kate! Doesn’t hurt to open the doors and windows in a stuffy institution and let some fresh air and new ideas in!

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