Wow – I love finding MORE info to support the concept of HypnoBirthing!

This article makes perfect sense.

It’s so interesting to ask expectant mothers how they imagine the birth process might feel or what it may look like.  So many say, ‘I don’t know why, but I imagine that it might be at night’…..well, now we know why!  (Well, we’ve always instinctively known, but now we have some lovely science to back us up!)

I felt like labouring at night seemed private, I felt safe and less exposed and vulnerable.  As the contractions built in intensity overnight, my body released a cocktail of wonderful hormones (now known to include melatonin and oxytocin to name just two!) in direct correlation.  These hormones helped my brain interpret the sensations not as pain, but power.  These hormones left me rushing, deeply internalised and in tune with my body.

My first daughter was born just as the sun was rising, after an evening of my uterine surges building in strength and I felt that I too had increased in strength.  The sunrise illuminated her exquisitely beautiful face, along with my newfound might as a mother and as a woman.

So let’s reconnect with the Earth, her rhythms and cycles – she’s there to support us, whether science says so or not.


Blessed Be x

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