Very interesting article on Vaginal Breech Birth.

One of my lovely Doula colleagues sent this my way, so I thought that I’d share it with all of you!

In this country, as with many others, when women are given (often unnecessary) ultrasounds that suggest their baby is presenting in a breech position, they are told that the only safe way to birth their baby is via a C-section.

This message can be given very early on in the pregnancy, when there would be ample time and opportunity for the baby to turn before the onset of labour.

I feel that if we dispel the myths and remove the anxiety that surrounds breech birth, women will avoid the physical and emotional tension that inhibits the baby’s natural ability to turn.

If women are supported by midwives with adequate training and experience in vaginal breech birth, it will allow them to make informed choices about how to bring their young into the world.  If they feel that caesarean birth is best for them and their family, at least they can feel empowered that the decision was truly theirs, and not something they were coerced into.

Lisa Barratt illustrates the mechanics of vaginal breech birth beautifully in this article, which I hope will encourage families to explore their options and know that there is no need to fear the footling!

Many thanks to the author – Your work is appreciated!

Blessed Be x

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