Article on choices in c-section birth.

It is refreshing to see a surgeon acknowledge that many of the factors which leave women and their babies so affected by the trauma of a cesarean birth, are continuing simply because ‘it’s always been done that way’.  It also seems that a lot of it is far more to do with how the procedure reflects upon the ego of the surgeon than it is to do with long-term positive emotional outcomes for Mums and babes.

Regardless of how their babies are born, women should feel empowered and proud to have experienced the miracle of nurturing life.  In the rare special circumstances that require a surgical intervention in birth, giving women choices and as much involvement as they are comfortable with, will ensure that they come away feeling positive – leaving them free to focus on bonding with their baby, instead of trying to process a deep emotional trauma.

I was deeply touched when I heard a women speak of her experience of cesarean surgery.  It took her a long time to heal from the physical damage, but even longer to heal from the emotional loss she felt.  She felt that she had not been part of the ‘birth’ at all and felt powerless and like she had failed in some way.  This brave lady discussed how important language was to her and she now insists that it be referred to as ‘cesarean BIRTH‘, not a section but a BIRTH.

Maybe if this woman had been consulted, given options and assistance that mirrored her requests for the natural birth she had planned, she would not have felt the same grief.

Obviously with some cesarean births they are undertaken as true ’emergencies’ so time may be an issue.  But as far as they are able, surgeons should be encouraged to be sensitive to the parent’s preferences.

Yes, parents want their babies to be born safely, that goes without saying – but if a woman has considered her options and made what she deems to be important choices about the manner in which her baby is born, why should these choices be overridden by the agenda of a surgeon?

It seems that with a little love and effort from medical staff, who entered into the profession to help people, babies can be welcomed to the world gently and Mother’s and Father’s enter the world of Parenthood equally so.

I would love to hear people’s thoughts on the subject, so please feel free to leave a comment!

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