Placenta Prints in Action!

After seeing the 60 Second Doula clip (See last Blog post) on I have been inspired to do my bit for promoting the placenta!

I am uploading some lovely photo’s of a wonderfully crafty Mummy making her very own placenta prints.  They have since been beautifully framed and take pride of place above the fireplace!  You can see the resemblance to a tree, which could be linked to the Tree of Life, which is fitting for the placenta’s life-giving properties.

You can buy kits to make these, they make a great original gift, or you can compile the elements yourself – get creative!  You could happily include older children and creative Dads in the artistry.

You needn’t use paint at all if you wanted to go all natural – you could just use the placental blood, but if you’re a bit squeamish just give it a wash and stick to the paint! Or you could do one of each….the choice is yours.

Please take a look at the placenta – it is not some gross foreign object!  Lots of people are very put off by the idea of the placenta, but in reality they are very intricate and beautiful – when washed, they are just like any piece of meat.

These are a great commemorative item and could be given as gifts to friends and family or kept for when the child is an adult.  So whatever you choose to do with the placenta once it has performed its wonderful job, it will forever be honoured.

Feel free to post your attempts, it is fascinating to see how individual the prints are – just as our little bundles are themselves.

Have fun!

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