About Blessed Birth


Blessed Birth is the Holistic Childbirth Practice of Victoria Keenan which has recently relocated to Dubai, in the UAE.

I provide Hypnosis for childbirth antenatal classes, Doula support services, Reiki and Reflexology.

I am excited to expand my work now that I have undertaken my Babywearing Consultant Training with the School of Babywearing in the UK and am looking forward to establishing a sling library here in the UAE.  I have enjoyed carrying (and continue to carry!) my two girls who are 2 and 5 and will be thrilled to share this experience with parents who would like to learn more about the myriad benefits.

The physical and psychological impact of birthing a baby can be left completely unexplored by some.  For most, it is a subject that only comes under consideration once they are actively trying to conceive, once they are pregnant, or even as an afterthought once the baby has arrived.

Taking control of your birth experience is an amazing opportunity for empowerment as you create your new family.

Even those who are reluctant to acknowledge the emotional effect that the birthing process can have on the baby, should take action to ensure the most positive experience possible for themselves;  As a Mother or Father, as a Woman, as a Man, this experience will remain with you forever, so why not make it all that it can be?

When I say ‘all that it can be’, what do I mean?  This life affirming rite of passage really has unlimited confines.  The manner in which women encounter the arrival of their children ranges broadly from the dramatic portrayals on TV, to calm Hypno births, to primal outdoor births, to enjoyable orgasmic births….Yes, I said ORGASMIC!

I believe that everyone experiences the physicality of birth differently, and that it is important to introduce this concept as early as possible to give people time to assimilate such a conflicting idea.

Engaging a Doula, participating in childbirth preparation classes, or taking time for yourself to heal physically and emotionally with holistic therapies, is a big step towards manifesting the birth and family environment that you want.

The following pages will describe in detail how everyone involved in the life of this much loved baby will benefit from looking at the bigger picture and taking positive action…..today.

Gift Certificates are available.  These make a wonderful present for a loved one and can be the full cost of a treatment (like Reiki or Reflexology) or go towards something, like a Hypnobirthing course or towards the cost of Doula services.


  1. Kate Street Said:

    What a lovely blog, Victoria, and I concur with every word! Can’t wait to see more from you, Dear Sister (and love the little fairy pic!). Much love to you ~
    Kate (from Love From Baby) ♥

    • blessedbirth Said:

      Yes, I feel we are connected in some way and I’m excited to find out how and for why! x

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